Hello, I'm Cyrièle and I love designing things to make people's life easier. Too long; don't read? Download my CV.

I have spent the last ten years working in the digital industry. In France and in the UK, in small agencies as well as big corporations. I worked on all sorts of digital experiences, from mini-sites to long term products, from physical spaces to augmented and virtual reality. I have experience with all types of medium, technology and audiences on various scales.

I have had different job titles and different roles and responsibilities - from front-end and back-end developer to producer. They all have in common that the end user was always at the centre of everything I produced. My versatile background allows me to understand the entire production chain with its constraints and requirements. It also makes team work with people of different profiles and skill sets a smooth, simple and enjoyable experience.


I apply design thinking to everything I do, whether it is on a personal or professional level. I am good at framing problems and I can facilitate workshops to help you do that too. I am a quick learner and I’m good at mapping complex systems. I am logical, I have a keen eye for details which allows me to forsee consequences of design choices very early in the process.

I believe that a solid yet flexible design framework is absolutely necessary in order to build a scalable product able to adapt to any change in need or context. I am obsessed with data & semantics: clean and meaningful data enables accurate and contextual information, which allows tailor-made and intuitive experiences. This is why part of my work is also to identify the right indicators in order to measure my product (or project)’s performance, and be able to improve it based on actual data.

I love my job and I am always keen on sharing thoughts and visions about this topic. You can find some of them on Medium.

I have previously talked at Talk UX Manchester, World IA Day Bristol, Euro IA 2016 in Amsterdam, World IA Day Manchester and Paris Web in France.